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The Garden

upper parterre semi circle rose garden cottage garden shade garden

This hillside garden combines formal and informal elements: a strongly structured axial layout planted in a cottage-garden style with a relaxed mix of shrubs, roses, perennials and bulbs. Terraces, vistas, potted plants, water features, arbors, statues and enclosures of box and yew convey a feeling of intimacy in this multi-level terraced garden. There are five major specific areas in the garden with their own characteristics. (Click on the illustration above, each of the five gardens is designated.)

The Rose Garden

Arranged along a central pond with common boxwood topiaries and lysimachia in each corner the rose garden consists of four main beds and two smaller ones. The beds are edged by boxwood borders with tall arbovitae "De Groote" trees and roses (Rosa 'National Park Cuya', Rosa 'Fourth of July', Rosa 'Carefree Beauty', Rosa 'Fairy' standards) in the center, as well as some stokesia in the two smaller beds. The fountain has become a favorite of goldfinches and hummingbirds who like to hover at the top of the spray of water on hot Summer days. The arbovitae trees are a favorite nesting place of house finches and chipping sparrows.

Roses Everywhere

The Stone Walls

Edging the rose garden on two sides, stone walls provide a strong architectural definition as well as a retaining function in this terrraced garden. Framed in boxwood edges with roses, they also provide a background for large rhododendrons, tree hydrangeas, peonies, and berberis.

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The Semi Circle

The semi circle is a secluded area, edged by a stone wall all around and a hedge of yew, lined by beds of roses (Rosa 'Carefree Beauty', Rosa 'All Ablaze') boxwood edges and a variety of perennials (Phlox, Digitalis, Delphinium, Calamenta, Verbascum, Aconitum.) The central stone floor is lined with a variety of roses (Rosa 'Betty Pryor', Rosa 'Bonica', Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'), perennials (Angelonia, Phlox 'Paradise Boy', Delphinium, Salvia hominum, Achemilla mollis, Euphorbia) as well as some large pots (Petunia "Million Bells", sweet peas etc.) The hedge is a favorite nesting place of catbirds.

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The Cottage Garden

The hillside cottage garden is anchored on either side of a gravel path with 6 arbors covered with climbing roses and vines. This path ends at the edge of the forest with a trellis and a large urn. The 6 arbors from left to right are planted as follows:

1. Rosa 'William Baffin'        2. Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'         3. Rosa 'William Baffin'
    Clematis 'Nellie Moser'        Silverlace vine                      Rosa 'Clair Matin'
    Clematis Jackmanii             Kiwi vine                               Clematis 'Nellie Moser'
4. Rosa 'Super Dorothy'     5. Rosa 'Clair Matin'              6. Rosa 'Super Excelsa'
    Rosa 'Veilchenblau'             Rosa 'Van Fleet'                      Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'
                                                   Clematis 'Nellie Moser'
                                                   Cobea Scandens

The following list of plants in the cottage garden is only indicative as it varies from year to year. The cottage garden is a favorite of hummingbirds.

                                                    Cottage Garden: Lower Part

1. Hydrangea 'Annabelle'       16. Rosa 'Ballerina'                   31. Rosa 'Clair Matin'
2. Euphorbia polygon            17. Chrysanth. xsuperbum     32. Rosa 'Van Fleet'
3. Monarda 'Marshall's         18. Nicotiana mutabilis           33. Boxwood
4. Sedum                                  19. Calamenta                           34. Rosa 'Fuscia Mediland'
5. Spraia                                  20. Yellow Daisy Lily                35. Purple Dahlia
6. Rosa 'Roberta'                     21. Blue Monarda                     36. Pink Hollyhock
7. Blue Monarda                    22. Pink Hollyhock                     37. Aconitum
8. Hydrangea 'Niko'               23. Yellow single Hollyhock     38. Angelica
9. Chelone                               24. Valerian                               39. Eupatorium purpureum
10. Digitalis mertonensis     25. White Dahlia                        40. Rhododendron
11. Sedum 'Frosty Morn'       26. Yellow Dahlia                       41. Malva fastigiata
12. Delphinium                       27. Salvia horminum                42. Ageratum 'Blue Horizon'
13. Rhododendron                 28. Black Poppy                         43. Bronwalla

14. Monarda 'Jacob Klein'     29. Verbena bonariensis        44. Rosa 'William Baffin'
15. Lavender Phlox                 30. Nasturtium                         45. Rosa 'Ramblin' Red

                                               Cottage Garden: Upper Part 

1. Phlox                                 21. Verbascum olympicum              41. Pink Dahlia
2. Dictamus                           22. Phlox                                            42. Digitalis
3. Liatris                                23. Sedum                                          43. Dahlia
4. Reum  palmata                 24. Crambe cordifolia                     44. Salvia
5. Pink Monarda                  25. Thalectrum                                  45. Orange Nasturtium
6. Zinnia                                26. Malva fastigiata                         46. Boxwood
7. Red Monarda                   27. Magnolia                                     47. Red Dahlia
8. Pink Phlox                        28. Hollyhock                                    48. Papaver somniferum
9. Artemesia                         29. Phlox' Lauro'                                49. Hollyhock
10. Phlox                              30. Nicotiana mutabilis                   50. Echinops       
11. Thistle globe                  31. Tree Peony                                  51. Verbascum
12. Salvia turkistana          32. Reum palmatum                         52. Red Dahlia
13. Rosa " Blanc                   33. Hollyhock                                   53. Papaver somniferum
     double de Coubert"
14. Daisy Chrysanthem.     34. Shrub 'Dark Mist'                        54. Red Dahlia
15. Valerian                         35. Malva fastigiata                         55. Aconitum
16. White Hollyhock           36. Monarda                                     56. Boxwood
17. Achillia Lauro               37. Rhododendron                           57. Angelica
      "Coronation Gold"
18. Onopordum                    38. Valerian                                      58. Rosa 'Ramblin' Red'
19. Calamenta                      39. Malva fustigiata                        59. Shrub
20. Beauty bush                   40. Malva sylvestris                        60. Bronwalla
61. Rosa 'William Baffin'

The Cottage Garden

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The Upper Parterre

Situated at the top of the hill, the upper parterre consists of five beds. The middle three are edged in boxwood with the center strictly dedicated to roses (various David Austin English roses, Rosa 'La Traviata'.) Garden ornaments, a statue and 2 urns, occupy these beds. The two end beds are planted with roses in the center (Rosa 'Towne and Country', Rosa 'My Hero') as well as in the four corners climbing on obelisks (Rosa 'Sea Foam', Rosa 'John Cabot') and on the edge and front with a variety of perennials (Cynara, Verbascum olympicum, Lily "Casablanca", Echinops, Onopordum, Artemisia Schmidtiana, Nicotiana sylvestris, Aster 'Purple Dome', Verbascum schaixii and Nepeta.) The stone wall which runs the whole length of the parterre is covered with Juniper "Procumbent" and Nepeta "Six Hills Giant".The center statue has become a favorite perch for birds.

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The Shade Garden

Under large hemlock trees, this garden is planted with a variety of ferns, hostas, as well as Carex, Rodgersia podophylla and Aruncus doicus. Its fountain is a favorite of larger birds. Chipping sparrows have nested there.

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