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Welcome to the genealogy site of the
PUJOL, PÈPE families

Their story, like that of all the French settlers in Algeria, in the 19th century, begins on the southern shores of the Mediterranean: To the East, in the mountain region of Kabylia, in the towns of Tizi-Ouzou and Dra-el-Mizan for the Mourailles,Feuillerats, Pèpes and Rodinis, and to the West, in the towns of Mostaganem, Mazagran, Aïn-Tédélès and Tiaret for the Dalbiès, Pujols ans Servats. Earlier on, prior to their emigration, these families hail mostly from the Southern areas of France: the Pyrénées-Orientales departement for the Dalbiès, Haute-Garonne for the Feuillerats, Bouches-du-Rhône for the Mourailles, Ariège for the Pujols and Servats, but also from the North: Nord departement for the Pèpes and from Italy for the Rodinis.

Since this site is likely to attract and/or interest like-minded visitors, i.e. French or French speaking, the bulk of it will not be translated (in any case, most information presented is visual.) However, should you, English-speaking visitor, require any additional information, explanation or wish to offer any comment, question, please do not hesitate to write. I will happily translate and offer any assistance needed.

The site presents:
1. An interactive database of 1471 persons in the genealogy
2. A brief history of the emigration to Algeria of those individuals for whom it is documented
3. Photographic documents of landmarks as they relate to the families involved:
post cards of the various towns, photos of two "lycées" (high schools) in Algiers.
4. Photographic documents relating to individuals:
old family photos and a collection of signatures
5. Plans and maps of Algeria and Algiers
6. Various documents which include a 22 page historic description of the town of Aïn-Tédélès in 1877
and 2 "La Kabylie Française" newspapers dated 1936.
7. Lastly, and for a change of pace, a description of the Garden in Litchfield County, Connecticut.
This section is available in English.

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